ESI Corporate Profile

Engineered Solutions, Inc. has proven capabilities in completing all aspects of electrical and I&C modifications including evaluation and development of operations-oriented conceptual design improvements, design change package development, and complete implementation and testing of those improvements during pre-outage and outage construction. ESI combines this engineering experience with a complete working knowledge of power production systems, operation and interactions; and a plant operations perspective to provide a safer and more efficient project implementation. We provide a team of dedicated engineers and technical support personnel with the expertise to accomplish your objectives.

Our approach of working with Operations, Maintenance, and Training personnel to develop and support the modifications following installation has proven successful in minimizing the possible negative impact of extensive changes. In addition, we complete start-up testing and commissioning of all of our modifications and/or new installations.

ESI personnel’s dedication and innovation has resulted in development and installation of the patented ESI Motor Operated Valve Thermal Overload Monitor, the Containment Isolation Monitoring System, Emergency Operating Procedure Keylock Override Control Circuitry.

We have worked with our clients to design and implement discrete digital component upgrades, digital system upgrades and Integrated Computer System modifications for over 20 years. We designed and integrated new technology, such as Variable Frequency Drives, into nuclear unit control schemes. We have been an integral part of two record-breaking refuel outages where we implemented digital system upgrades during short duration outages.