ESI Projects

Cooper Nuclear Station

Brownville, Nebraska 


In 2009, ESI began providing engineering services to Nebraska Public Power’s Cooper Nuclear Station, including:

  • Performed an independent design review and constructability evaluation of the CNS modification package to replace the obsolete Ronan Annunciator system.

  • Performed a conceptual study for the replacement of the obsolete Woodward EGM Governor Control system for the safety related RCIC turbine. This study included the evaluation of potential suppliers of the new governor control system and the identification of system performance (pump capacity, response time, etc.), environmental, seismic, EMI/RFI and electrical loading requirements. Because CNS plans to install a similar system in the future on the HPCI turbine, a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), a Diversity and Defense in Depth Evaluation (in accordance with NRC NUREG 0800, BTP 7-19), and an evaluation of the impact on the CNS licensing basis was included in the study.

  • Currently preparing the design change package for the CNS implementation of the RCIC Turbine Governor Controls Upgrade modification.