ESI Projects

Duane-Arnold Energy Center

Palo, Iowa 


In the 1980s, the principals of ESI were responsible for the Detailed Control Room Design Review implementation at Iowa Electric’s Duane Arnold Energy Center (DAEC) and subsequently formed this turn-key engineering and modifications company to specialize in operational and engineering problem identification and resolution with an emphasis on cost-effective, human-engineered modernization of I & C systems. ESI has performed numerous design modifications at DAEC including:

  • Extensive re-design of nuclear plant control rooms at DAEC to implement the human factor modifications.

  • Design and installation of a Containment Isolation Monitoring System at DAEC which monitors initiation relays and all valves in each isolation group and provides direct panel indication of isolation success.

  • Development and installation of the patented ESI Motor Operated Valve Thermal Overload Monitors. This Thermal Overload Monitor will “flash” the energized MOV position indicating lights when a valve trips on overload. The monitor fits in the existing breaker buckets, interconnects in the existing control circuit and provides this alarm indication without any additional cabling or alarm services.

  • Design and installation of “hardwired, key-locked” Emergency Operating Instruction (EOI) override circuits at DAEC to improve operator’s response time as a result of our extended task analyses during EOI development.

  • Retrofit panel repairs using the patented Retro-FITZ™ weld-less control panel repair method to save significant man-hours and costs.

  • Recent DAEC design experience includes the Isolated Phase Bus and cooling system upgrades, Feedwater flow instrumentation upgrades, and Field Engineering support for the DAEC Main Transformer replacement.

  • ESI is currently still providing design and field engineering services to the Project Engineering group at DAEC.