ESI Corporate Profile

Engineered Solutions, Inc. was established in 1987 in Nashville, Tennessee as a consortium of power industry professionals with considerable knowledge and experience in plant operations and instrumentation and control (I&C) design, implementation and testing. As dynamic, self-motivated team of over sixty engineers and technical support personnel, in our 30 years we have successfully completed both large integrated projects and smaller team-based ventures tailored to more specialized scopes of work or design challenges.

The principals of ESI formed this turn-key engineering and modifications company to specialize in operational and engineering problem identification and resolution with emphasis on cost-effective, human-engineered modernization of I&C systems. ESI offers highly qualified engineering services and proven industrial products and systems for the power utility and process control industries.

ESI established a business model at its inception that emphasized the consortium model for both business development and attracting/maintaining personnel to complete the projects we pursued. By keeping overhead costs well below the industry average and emphasizing personal development and individual attention to customers over corporate growth we are able to stay very cost-competitive without sacrificing any of the quality that has earned us our reputation. This team-based approach and commitment to personal development has helped to keep turnover extremely low and dedication high; our ready-made teams took years to develop and work extremely well together on a wide-range of technical challenges. In effect, our entire team markets our business through their collective performance on each project and their dedication to demonstrating our company’s expertise to clients who expect the best the first time.