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    Engineered Solutions, Inc. has proven capabilities in completing all aspects of electrical and instrumentation & controls modifications including the evaluation and development of operations-oriented conceptual design improvements, design change package development, and complete implementation and testing of those improvements during pre-outage and outage construction. ESI personnel truly are the Nuclear Industry's Digital Upgrade and Instrumentation & Controls Experts!

  • Integrated Solutions for Engineering Challenges

    ESI Personnel have all been cross trained to work in multiple facets of the Nuclear Power Industry. They are proficient in Plant Operability impacts, Unit Separation requirements, ICRDS, Physical Electrical, EMPAC, MEL data handling, Procurement Processes, and Interrelated Drawing Systems. ESI has integrated Civil & Pipe Analysis capabilities with extensive field experience.

  • ESI Design

    ESI personnel’s dedication and innovation has resulted in the development and installation of the patented ESI Motor Operated Valve Thermal Overload Monitor, the Containment Isolation Monitoring System, and Emergency Operating Procedure Keylock Override Control Circuitry. With vast experience in the design and licensing of digital upgrades it's easy to see why ESI's patent pending 1WayDblast™ is the clear data diode choice for the Nuclear Power Industry.

The Nuclear Industry's Digital Upgrade and Instrumentation & Controls Experts!

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