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The NRC has endorsed NEI 08-09, Cyber Security Program for Nuclear Power Reactors, as an acceptable method of complying with the requirements of 10 CFR 73.54, Protection of Digital Computer and Communication Systems and Networks. NEI 08-09 requires that any safety-related or plant control systems be isolated by a one-way-communications interface from plant data acquisitions systems such that the plant data acquisition computer cannot communicate with the safety-related or control system.

ESI’s 1WayDBlast™ provides a communications interface device, also known as a data diode, which can be inserted in the communications paths between plant data acquisition systems and safety-related or control systems to perform a one-way data communications protocol. The use of the special adapter eliminates the receive ability of the second Ethernet port on CPU1. Therefore, no communications from CPU2 are capable of being transmitted to CPU1 and only one-way communications from CPU1 to CPU2 can occur. As a result, compliance with NEI 08-09 requirements can be met without rewriting communications protocols used in the control systems. ESI’s vast experience in the design and licensing of digital upgrades make the 1-WayDBlast™ the clear data diode choice for the nuclear energy industry.