ESI Projects

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

Athens, Alabama 


  • Cooling Tower
  • EPU
  • Security Upgrade Project
  • Voltage Regulator


ESI personnel have been integral in the licensing, design and installation of virtually all electrical, I&C and digital upgrades at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant including:

  • Extensive re-design of all three nuclear plant control rooms at Browns Ferry to implement the human factor modifications.  The designs included the performance of human factor evaluations of the modified panel layouts, meter and recorder scale changes, replacement of panel mimics, seismic structural qualification of the modified panels, electrical evaluation of the new components, divisional separation requirements, single failure evaluations, and diversity and defense in depth evaluations of digital components

  • As part of the Unit 3 restart and later the Unit 1 restart efforts, ESI personnel performed a detailed Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) of the BFN Accident Signal Initiation Logic. Following completion of the FMEA, ESI performed extensive design changes and licensing submittals for the Unit 1, 2, and 3 Accident Signal Initiation Logic. These changes supported the restart of Unit 3 and allowed the restart of Unit 1 without the installation of additional safety related Emergency Diesel Generators

  • Design and installation of Containment Isolation Monitoring Systems for all three control rooms at Browns Ferry

  • Design and implementation of the Unit 1 Control Room digital annunciation system.

  • Design and implementation of the plant Integrated Computer System (ICS) modification including recent cyber security system upgrades.

  • Design and implementation of the Digital Feedwater System upgrades including installation of Woodward Feed Pump Turbine governor controls.

  • Design and implementation of the Feedwater Heater Level Control System upgrades.

  • Supported the installation and licensing of the digital Power Range Neutron Monitoring Upgrades (including Oscillation Power Range Monitoring) on Units 2 and 3.

  • On Unit 1, ESI performed the design, installation and licensing submittals for all of the Neutron Monitoring system including Power Range Neutron Monitoring/Oscillation Power Range Monitoring (PRNM/OPRM), Advanced Rod Block Monitoring System (ARTS), Maximum Extended Load Line Analysis (MELLA), and the Digital Transverse In-Core Probe System (TIPS). Design and implementation of the Containment Radiation Monitoring Digital Upgrades.

  • Design and implementation of the EHC Digital Upgrades.

  • Design and implementation of the Stator Cooling Water modifications and Generator Temperature Monitoring associated with the Westinghouse Unit 2 and 3 Generator Re-wind.

  • Design and installation of the Variable Frequency Drives and Recirculation Speed Control System for the Recirculation Pumps.

  • Design and implementation of the Condensate Demin Digital Control System

  • Provided the Systems Engineering support group responsible for troubleshooting and functioned as a “rapid response team” during Unit 1 restart testing, using our integrated design and construction experience to quickly resolve issues to expedite system return-to-service. ESI performed this same function for BFN Unit 3 start-up.

  • Designed and implemented various TVA Transmission Group protective relaying designs and telecommunications systems.

  • Prepared the BFN design change packages and supported the installation of the Power System Optimization Project (PSOP) modifications to provide the Power System Control Center (PSCC) accurate, real-time power generation and power flow data to enhance transmission grid stability.

  • Staff the Browns Ferry Extended Power Up-Rate (EPU) project engineering group. This group is responsible for the review and approval of all task reports and EPU designs.

  • ESI personnel assigned to plant licensing are responsible for preparing and review of EPU licensing submittals, and coordination with the NRC on various licensing issues.