ESI Projects

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Spring City, Tennessee 


  • Projects Group
  • Security Upgrade Project
  • Voltage Regulator


  • U1 Cycle 10 Refueling Outage (U1R10)

    • Engineering, Design, Licensing, and Closure of the Rod Cluster Control Assembly (RCCA) and Control Rod Drive Shaft (CRDS) Replacement.

      • The existing Control Rods comprised of a hybrid configuration of Boron Carbide neutron absorber materal was replaced with Enhanced Performance Full Length Silver-Indium-Cadmium neutron absorber control rods.

      • Theh CRDS's were also replaced for compatibility and Technical Specification Rod Drop Time requirements.   

    • Engineering, Design, Testing, and Closure:

      • Integrated Computer System (ICS) Upgrade

        • Complete System Upgrade which included the replacement of the FDDI Comunication Ring with a LAN based Architecture.

      • ICS Cyber Security Measures Installation

        • Implemented ICS modifications to comply with the requirements of 10 CFR 73.54 "Protection of digital computer and communication systems and networks" and 10 CFR73.55 "Requirements for physical protection of licensed activities in nuclear power reactors against radiological sabotage."

      • Steam Generator Hear Exchangers Digital Contols Upgrade

        • The existing Differential Pressure control system was replaced with a Digital Temperature Control System to prevent Water Hammer events. This was an historical issue at WBN.

      • Multiple Radiation Monitoring Upgrades.

        • Various upgrades to improve functionality and to eliminate nuisance flow alarms and EMI/RFI induced alarms.

    • Test Plan development and Test Director for the Automatic Voltage Regulator Commissioning.

    • Project Management Oversight:

      • Reactor Vessel Hot & Cold Leg Inspection

      • Main Generator Current Transformer and Bushin Replacement

      • Replacement of Obsolete Hagan Transmitters

      • Replacement of the Feedwater Heater Extraction Bellows

      • Replacement of Piping to Address FAC

  • Issued the design package to modify the Computer Enhanced Rod Position Indication System (CERPI) to provide two redundant communication paths between the processor computers and the Main Control Room (MCR) displays to improve system reliability

  • Issued the design package to replace the obsolete Emergency Diesel Generator speed switches.

  • Issued the design package to modify a Safety Injection System vent line to facilitate access during the performance of surveillance testing.

  • Issued the design package to analyze and revise the alarm set-points for several balance of plant flow switches.

  • Issued the design package to evaluate and document that the No. 4 Extraction steam lines (A, B, C strings) are operating at a higher temperature than shown on the existing plant drawings.

  • Issued the design package to evaluate and document the RCP seal leak-off line conditions that would be seen during a station blackout event.